About us

The Aesthetic Dental born from the idea to transform the shape of the dental technician from a simple artisan producer of a product more precise , technology-based , introducing a new mindset more organized at work, closer to the time, the time and accuracy communications .
The owner of the workshop for over thirty years , Fabio Luigetti and has won a curriculum from which emerges a training related to well-known names in the industry , including E. Steiger , Stefan Boreinsten , Bebi Spina. For several years dealing with metal-free , with the introduction in the laboratory of the Sirona inLab system . And ' referent Rossi S.r.l. for Cad Cam . A professional attentive to the present and projected into the future it is proposed that with his lab as a response to an increasingly demanding market in the field of dentistry , having sophisticated equipment and advanced technology, as well as highly qualified personnel . The selected professional staff, due to a thorough basic training and experience gained over the years , manifests itself in seriousness and commitment to customer service , a guarantee of constant renewal for the benefit of a medical device end and high quality suitable for resolution of any dental problems , both functional and aesthetic.